June 27, 2019

Common Maintenance Issues and Solutions for Tenants

A guide to help tenants navigate common maintenance issues and solutions.

Common Maintenance Issues and Solutions

I have 2-pronged outlets in my room but many of my items have 3 prongs - What can I do?

  • You will need to purchase 2 prong to 3 pong adapters to use with your plugs. There are various options available at most home improvement stores and at Amazon.

The water in my faucet is coming out brown - What do I do?

  • The City of Ann Arbor performs annual fire hydrant inspection and system maintenance by flushing water through selected area hydrants during the spring and early summer. During this process, you may observe a fire hydrant with water coming out of the side opening. You can read more about what to do on the City of Ann Arbor website.

My smoke detector is beeping - What do I do?

  • Per your lease, you are responsible to change the batteries if they begin beeping after you have moved into the property. You can do so by removing the smoke alarm from the mounting bracket and removing the battery. Press and hold the test button for at least 15 seconds and replace the smoke detector. If the issue continues please contact us as the smoke detector may be malfunctioning.

The lightbulb is out in my light fixture - What do I do?

  • Per your lease, you are responsible to change lightbulbs in your light fixtures. First remove the light cover. Twist out the old lightbulb and twist in a new lightbulb. Be sure to replace the bulb with a similar wattage bulb.

I think I might have mold in my unit - What do I do?

  • Often mold is mistaken for mildew that can be cleaned by using a bleach disinfectant. Mildew occurs when too much moisture accumulates in a small space without ventilation. Tenants are responsible for cleaning their unit and Baker Street is not responsible if mildew has accumulated in your unit- this is likely due to negligence in cleaning the unit. Our office cannot test nor recommend anyone to test for mold. If we can physically see the mold, we will contact the owner/agent and require them to bleach and/or use mold killing paint on any surface that will allow. For further information regarding mold/mildew issues, please contact the Washtenaw County Health Department at 734-222-3800.

Preventing water leaks on claw-foot tubs.

  • If you have a clawfoot tub in your unit there is significant risk of water leaking out. Baker Street recommends purchasing two curtains from Amazon and hanging both curtains to prevent any water from leaking out while showering. Please be sure the curtain is closed all of the way around the bathtub to prevent water from escaping. You will also need 24 shower rings to hold both curtains. Tenants are responsible to prevent water from leaking out of the tub while showering.

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