March 9, 2019

Finding Your Place

How to search and schedule a tour of your new home.

Search For a Property

Baker Street manages over 50 properties in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. Between all of our properties, we can almost always help you find a great place that fits your requirement! You can always contact us at for a fast response regarding any properties or listings that we have available. If you are not sure which property works best for you, we can help narrow down your search! You can send us details as to what you are looking for, including: budget, move-in date, location, number of bedrooms, etc., and we will be able to point you in the right direction! If you prefer a DIY-style search, a good place to start is our Listings page as a great resource.

Virtual Tours

To enhance our leasing service, Baker Street offers virtual tours for most properties. This allows future tenants to preview a property before even stepping foot in the door! Virtual tours are a great tool to narrow down your search, or for those you cannot make it to a tour in-person. If you would like to request a virtual tour, just contact us at and we will gladly send one over to you!

Schedule a Tour

We recommend touring a property in-person before signing a lease, or at least before you move-in, if possible. Scheduling a tour is easy! You can always contact us at to set up a tour.  Check out our Schedule A Tour page for more details.


Due to the city ordinance in Ann Arbor, we cannot tour a property until the current tenants have been moved-in for at least 70 days. That does not mean though that we cannot schedule a tour for a future date. If the property you are interested in has not reached its 70th day, we will be more than happy to schedule a tour after that day.

Because of this ordinance, Baker Street has implemented a wait list system to stay organized and ensure we honor our fair first-come-first-serve policy. During the current tenants’ 70-day period, they will have the first priority to lease the property for another term. For the next priority, we turn to the wait list.

To secure priority on the wait list, you will need to place a $1,000 deposit. The first person to place a deposit will receive next priority to the current tenants, and so on. Note: sometimes the current tenants tell us that they do not want to stay another lease term before the 70 day period, so it is possible to receive first priority after all. If you receive first priority of the property, your $1,000 deposit will be credited to your first month’s rent payment, which is due at lease signing and the security deposit is due one month before move-in. If you place a deposit and someone with a higher priority, such as the current tenants, leases the property instead, you will receive a full refund of your deposit immediately.  However, if you receive first priority to lease the property and you change your mind, you will lose your deposit.  Check out our Wait List page to place a deposit.

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