April 30, 2019

How Lawn Care Works for Tenants

A guide to how Lawn Care works.

Lawn Care

Many tenants are responsible for lawn care at their property. The exception to this would be any building with multiple units, any units that are a part of an association, or where your lease specifically designates that the owner provides lawn care. If you are unsure, please check your lease.

In the Spring, Baker Street will inform tenants who have lawn care provided with details on the service. Typically, lawn care will begin in May and happen every 2 weeks, on average. Due to the unknown nature of the weather and how often the lawn may need to be mowed, Baker Street is not able to alert tenants when lawn care will occur.

Tenants are asked to let us know if an area of the lawn was missed or if excessive weeds have grown up in any areas of the property.

For properties that are not provided with lawn care, tenants are responsible for mowing the lawn. Some owners provide lawnmowers while others do not, each property is different. We will remind tenants of this before the lawn care season and encourage tenants to have a plan in place to care for the lawn.

If tenants do not take care of the lawn as required in the lease agreement, Baker Street will send a notification to the tenants that Baker Street will be performing lawn care at the property and charge the cost back to the tenant.

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