August 26, 2020

Move In Process

A thorough guide to our move in procedure for tenants.

Before You Move In

Online Portal
If you haven't yet, you will soon receive a login and temporary password to our online portal. We use this portal to communicate with you, process maintenance request, and for you to pay your rent. If you haven’t yet set up your account please go ahead and do so now! You can reset your login credentials by going to our online portal login page.

Pre-Move in Checklist
You will receive an email 2 weeks prior to your move in with a pre-move in checklist. This will include a form that you need to fill out that confirms you have paid the security deposit and set up utilities in your name.

Security Deposit & Rent Payments
Please check your lease to see when your security deposit and first month's rent are due and be sure to pay them on time if you haven't already. Typically first month's rent is due when the lease is signed and the security deposit is due 30 days prior to the beginning of the lease.

Your next rent payment will be due a month after move-in. Most rent payments are due on the 1st of the month. After the 5th of the month, a late charge will begin to accrue on your account. You can avoid ever having a late fee by setting up automatic payments through your dashboard.

For many leases you are responsible for the electric, gas, water, and internet utilities. For multi-unit buildings there are both shared and individual utilities. Please be sure not to place the common area utilities such as DTE into your name. Please check your lease agreement to verify what utilities you are responsible for. You may have already set these up. If not, please contact these services ASAP in order to put the utilities in your name beginning on the first day of your lease. If you are responsible to put utilities in your name, we will not hand out keys or give key codes until we have confirmation that you have done so.

Please fill out the pre-move in checklist to verify utilities have been placed in your name prior to move in.

Electricity/Gas: DTE Energy
Water/Trash/Recycling: City of Ann Arbor
Cable/Internet: Comcast or AT&T

Renters Insurance
As stated in your lease, please keep in mind that renters insurance is required. While we have landlord insurance, this policy does not cover your belongings. You can purchase renters insurance through your dashboard if you do not have it already. This will protect you in the case of theft, a fire, or an injury on the property. We recommend using Sure Renters insurance. The cost is around $14 per month.

Move In Day

Keys/Key Codes
Most of our properties have key pads and we can email you the access code the day before your lease begins (once we've received your completed pre-move in checklist). If your unit has physical keys or keys to lock your bedroom we will need to arrange a time for you to pick them up. Typically, if it’s during normal business hours, you can pick up your keys from our office.

Move-in Day
You can move in beginning on the start date of your lease. Although we will try to accommodate early move ins we cannot guarantee them. We need the time between when the last lease ended and when yours begins to clean, paint and take care of any maintenance. Please read our Early Move in Policy Guide for more information.

Move-in Checklist
You’ll receive a link at move-in to complete a move-in and inventory checklist. This form needs to be completed online within 5 days from when you access your unit. At the end of the lease, we will review the checklist check for any damages above normal wear-and-tear for deductions to your security deposit. To understand more about Security Deposit Deductions, please take a moment to read our Guide.

Condition of the Property
We work very hard to make sure you have a welcoming, warm, and safe home. Before any tenant moves in, we repair anything that may have been broken during the prior tenant’s residency. We also hire a professional cleaning service before you move in. We do expect that the property, at the end of the lease, is left in the same condition as when you move in. Any damages above normal wear-and-tear or items that are left behind will be cause for a deduction from your security deposit.

After Move In

As you are settling into your unit you may come across some maintenance issues. Before reaching out to us take a moment to read our Guide on Common Maintenance Issues & Solutions for Tenants.

If you still need assistance the best way to notify us is by filing a ticket through your online dashboard. Please take a moment to read our Guide if you're unsure of how to file a ticket. We will update the ticket to keep you posted on the status of the maintenance. We aim to begin working on all routine maintenance issues within 36 hours and resolve them as soon as possible. Please read our Guide to understand our maintenance process.

For things that we consider an emergency such as heat being out or major plumbing issues we prioritize these and aim to resolve as soon as possible. Please read our Emergency Maintenance Guide to understand the process. If you are experiencing an emergency, call our main line at 734-389-7337 to report emergency or after hour emergencies. For other emergencies, please call 911.

Trash Collection
If you have City of Ann Arbor Garbage and Recycling it is picked up from the curb on your designated garbage day. Please check out this map to see when your collection day is. The City provides Garbage & Recycling Carts that must be stored at the side or rear of the dwelling and not placed at the curb more than 24 hours ahead of time. Empty carts must be removed from the curb within 12 hours of service. Some holidays may delay service.

Please be sure to place all garbage into plastic bags and into the trash cans, so that rats and other pests can’t get in. The City is strict on trash left on the street or if the garbage can lids don’t close completely. Please also be sure not to put trash into the recycling bin.

Please check your lease for information on parking spaces allotted. There also may be free, permit, or metered parking near your house. Please see the City of Ann Arbor parking page for more information.

Contact Info

You can find our contact info on your dashboard account at any time. Reporting maintenance tickets through your dashboard is the best way for us to keep track of everything. For general support issues or if the need arises, please email or call us at the contact info below:

Call: 734-389-7337

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