July 6, 2020

Move Out Process

What is the Move Out Process at the End of my Lease?


Forty-five prior to the end of your lease, we will receive a Security Deposit/Cleaning Checklist. In this we will ask you for an address to send your security deposit to. We are required by law to mail your security deposit to you, which is why we need to have an updated address.

If multiple people are on the lease, we will send a check to one person for you to divide up. If no one responds to us or if there are issues within the house we will send the security deposit to the first person listed on the lease.

We will deduct money from your security deposit for damages beyond normal wear and tear. Please consult your lease or our Security Deposit Guide to understand what can be deducted from your Security Deposit.

In addition, your security deposit can be charged for items left behind at the end of the lease and any rent not paid. Any remaining security deposit will be returned within 30 days of the end of the lease.

Condition of Property

Before you moved in, the property was cleaned and all maintenance issues addressed. We do expect that the property at the end of the lease to be left in the same or better condition as when you moved in. Any damages above normal wear-and-tear or items that are left behind will be cause for a deduction from your security deposit. A few things to make note of:

  • Do not leave anything in the property that was not provided by previous management companies or Baker Street Properties. If you have furniture that you purchased or obtained from a previous tenant, that furniture now belongs to you and we expect you to remove it at the end of your lease term.

  • We will charge a minimum of $100 per piece of furniture left behind depending on size. Larger couches and sectionals we may charge up to $300. If we need to rent a dumpster to junk multiple pieces of furniture the cost of that is typically $1,000.00.

  • We expect the apartment to be left in CLEAN condition and for all garbage to be removed or placed in the appropriate bins outside.

    Please consult our Tenant Cleaning List as your clean your Unit.


If you were responsible for utilities, do not forget to have the DTE and City of Ann Arbor Water taken out of your name at the end of your lease term. Please have the final bills sent to a forwarding address. 

If you fail to do this we will deduct the unpaid charges from your security deposit.

Electricity/Gas: DTE
Water/Trash: City of Ann Arbor
Cable/Internet: Comcast or AT&T


Please leave keys on the kitchen counter if you were given keys. We expect that all sets of keys be returned at the end of the lease. There is a $50 fee if keys are lost or stolen since we’ll need to re-key the property for the safety of the other residents.

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